Revealed: The UK’s top industries that care about your well-being the most

19 Jun 2023

Searches for ‘companies with the best benefits 2022’ has increased by +100% in the past twelve months. Additionally, a recent Glassdoor study revealed that employees want more focus on well-being, company culture, and work to increase the level of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

Social class could be holding young people back from their preferred career, new research finds

16 Jun 2023

Social class and nepotism are impacting early career opportunities for young people, according to new research from KPMG UK.

UK workforce heading towards a dental care crisis.

09 Jun 2023

In April 2023, NHS dental charges in England jumped by a historic 8.5%, outstripping the growth in employees’ average pay (including bonuses) by 2.6 percentage points. Current dentistry costs are leaving one-quarter of patients delaying or avoiding NHS treatment, with the British Dental Association ...

How important is psychological safety in the workplace?

05 Jun 2023

Research shows poor wellbeing is costing UK firms a staggering £56bn a year. Psychological safety, referring to the feeling and belief that you can share your thoughts, opinions and ideas within a company, is critical to the success of an organisation. This has been evidenced in research from Google...

The UK Industries seeing the biggest increase in wages

30 May 2023

New research has revealed the UK industries that have had the biggest increase in wages, with Mining and Quarrying coming out on top.

Why are more than six in 10 people not taking all of their annual leave?

26 May 2023

According to a recent survey, one in 10 UK workers says they didn’t take all of their annual leave last year because they felt pressured by management.

One in five would use extra day to volunteer if working a four-day week

19 May 2023

The research released by Hays, which received over 11,800 responses, found that close to a third (31%) believe the four-day week could have a beneficial impact on the environment. Other perceived benefits of this way of working include improved employee health and wellbeing (89%) and improved organi...

Three in five would not work for company that doesn’t share values

17 May 2023

Nearly three in five (58%) workers would not work for a company that does not share the same values as them – and not even a pay rise would change the minds of 53%, research by LinkedIn has found.

A third of office workers under 40 admit to “quiet quitting

16 May 2023

The number of employees wanting control over where they work has remained consistent since Ivanti’s 2022 Everywhere Workplace Report – 71%, but the research finds that employers and employees remain locked in a struggle about who gets to define the time, location and manner of work.

How to successfully hire graduates in a busy job market

11 May 2023

The academic term is over and students who have just graduated, are looking for their first professional role. For hiring leaders, who are battling an extreme shortage of talent, this is an exciting demographic that should be considered to help close this gap.

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