Affordability and flexibility top the list of requirements from a wellbeing programme

10 Dec 2023

Affordability and flexibility are the most important factors for employers in terms of implementing a health and wellbeing support programme, according to research from Towergate Health & Protection.

Half of U.K. Deskless Workers Say They’re Viewed as Expendable

30 Nov 2023

Over half of U.K. deskless workers (51 per cent) say they’re viewed as expendable by their employer. Plus, almost a third (32 per cent), feel that their corporate, desk-based colleagues regard them as inferior. These are the findings from O.C. Tanner’s 2024 Global Culture Report which gathered data...

UK workers forecast to receive 1.3% real salary increase next year: the first increase in four years

23 Nov 2023

UK salaries are forecast to increase by 1.3% in 2024 in real terms as UK businesses expect to repeat a higher-than-usual nominal pay increase of 5%, according to the latest annual Salary Trends Report by global mobility expert, ECA International (ECA). This equates to an average salary boost of £447...

Two-thirds of frontline workers observe operational issues monthly

03 Nov 2023

New research has revealed that ‘deskless’ workers face regular operational issues, compounding doubts about business performance.

Choosing to do an Internship and a Part-Time Job

22 Sep 2023

As students and fresh graduates step into the professional world, they have to make a significant decision: should they look for an internship or a part-time job? This decision can significantly impact their career trajectory and overall professional development. Working as an intern or part-time em...

Majority of UK businesses now taking steps to reduce office space post-pandemic

08 Sep 2023

Research conducted by insurance broking and risk management firm Gallagher has found that the majority of UK business leaders (63%) are now changing office space due to a shift in ways of working.

AI expected to transform recruiting practices in law and tax

01 Sep 2023

Professional recruiting practices are set to be transformed as AI becomes more commonplace – 74% of UK employees working in legal, tax, risk and compliance expect more work to be carried out by people who don’t have traditional qualifications, shows a major new research study by Thomson Reuters.

Ready to Transform Payroll Management? Discover How Automation Empowers Your Workforce

25 Aug 2023

As technology advances, modern businesses are increasingly taking advantage of tools and techniques that streamline their operations. One such significant transformation is observed in the realm of payroll management. Gone are the days of manual calculations and error-prone spreadsheets; welcome to ...

Redundancy rights explained amid job loss fears

16 Aug 2023

Following the news interest rates have been raised further, a leading barrister is urging employers to understand their and their employees’ legal rights when it comes to redundancy, amid heightened job loss concerns.

Over Half Of UK Workers Too Uncomfortable To Talk About Mental Health At Work

08 Aug 2023

New research from leading UK jobs and careers site reveals over half of UK employees do not feel comfortable disclosing mental health or psychological conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, or depression, in the workplace.

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