AI expected to transform recruiting practices in law and tax

01 Sep 2023

Professional recruiting practices are set to be transformed as AI becomes more commonplace – 74% of UK employees working in legal, tax, risk and compliance expect more work to be carried out by people who don’t have traditional qualifications, shows a major new research study by Thomson Reuters.

Ready to Transform Payroll Management? Discover How Automation Empowers Your Workforce

25 Aug 2023

As technology advances, modern businesses are increasingly taking advantage of tools and techniques that streamline their operations. One such significant transformation is observed in the realm of payroll management. Gone are the days of manual calculations and error-prone spreadsheets; welcome to ...

Redundancy rights explained amid job loss fears

16 Aug 2023

Following the news interest rates have been raised further, a leading barrister is urging employers to understand their and their employees’ legal rights when it comes to redundancy, amid heightened job loss concerns.

Over Half Of UK Workers Too Uncomfortable To Talk About Mental Health At Work

08 Aug 2023

New research from leading UK jobs and careers site reveals over half of UK employees do not feel comfortable disclosing mental health or psychological conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, or depression, in the workplace.

Kids Put Working Parents In A Financial Black Hole

02 Aug 2023

Companies are being urged to expand support for working parents during the school holidays after research found families with two children will have to pay out an extra £2,500 to keep them entertained and looked after during the summer holidays.

Workplace Bullying: A Silent Menace? Discover a Safe Haven with us

26 Jul 2023

Neurodiversity, encompassing conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, and Tourettes, affects a significant portion of the population, with estimates suggesting up to 15% of the population is neurodivergent.

Workplaces more stressful than relationship breakdowns

19 Jul 2023

Research has found that workplace stress is having a greater impact on individuals than relationship breakdowns. According to recent research conducted by Westfield Health, more than a quarter of workers (27%) ranked their job as more stressful than a relationship breakdown (8%). These worrying stat...

UK tech sector layoffs fall hardest on women sending female representation into reverse

12 Jul 2023

Job losses in the UK tech sector have fallen disproportionately on women, according to an analysis of National Statistics data commissioned by Integro Accounting, a leading provider of accountancy services to IT contractors. At the same time, however, the overall size of the UK tech workforce contin...

The hidden mental health challenges burdening younger workers

04 Jul 2023

A new report from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) indicates that the combined impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis, and decreasing support for young people has exacerbated pre-existing concerning trends in young people’s mental health, resulting in more and more young pe...

Millions of Job Seekers Believe Government Hasn’t Offered any Support in Helping them Find Jobs

26 Jun 2023

The leading Recruitment and Employment Technology Company, CareerWallet has recently published an extensive global workplace survey to give a true overview of working life and how the jobs market is being impacted by political and economic factors, technology and industry changes.

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