Revealed: The UK’s top industries that care about your well-being the most

Searches for ‘companies with the best benefits 2022’ has increased by +100% in the past twelve months. Additionally, a recent Glassdoor study revealed that employees want more focus on well-being, company culture, and work to increase the level of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

With a demand for companies to offer more benefits so that employees can enjoy a better work-life balance, life insurance broker Reassured has taken a deep dive into analysing over 70 top companies in the UK from different industries to reveal which industries offer the most benefits and found the most common benefits for employees.

The top industries that offer the most benefits

Having good and plenty of benefits could help you gain a better work/life balance and improve your well-being. But which industries offer the most benefits?

1. Service industry: 38 benefits on average

2. Transport: 35 benefits on average

3. Manufacturing: 27 benefits on average

4. Digital: 26 benefits on average

5. Finance: 26 benefits on average

6. Media: 18 benefits on average

7. Engineering: 17 benefits on average

8. Consulting: 17 benefits on average

9. Biotechnology: 15 benefits on average

10. Public Sector: 12 benefits on average

What are the most common benefits being offered?

The most common benefits, which might not come as a surprise to many, were enhanced maternity and paternity leave. Out of the 74 companies Reassured surveyed, 43 of the companies offered this as a great benefit.

The top five benefits provided were:

1. Enhanced Maternity and Paternity Leave

2. Vacation and Paid Time Off

3. Health Insurance

4. Sick Days

5. Bereavement Leave

These benefits can better help us feel like we can take the time off when we need it, either to recharge and relax, or care for new-borns when starting a family. Health insurance can also be a great comfort to many employees.

45 of the businesses researched were actively encouraging and offering working from home as a benefit. After the Covid-19 pandemic, this perk has become a vital benefit for many employees looking for new jobs.

In terms of mental health aid, only 39 workplaces offered mental health care services as part of their benefits packages. After Glassdoor’s survey, it’s clear that employees are expecting their employers to care more for their mental health and well-being, so these numbers are more likely to change in the coming years.

Commenting on how to protect your well-being and advocate for it in the workplace, Bertrand Stern-Gillet, CEO at Health Assured offers tips on how to care for your well-being at work:

Prioritising rest, self-care, and routine exercise should be part of the daily schedule, as well as open, clear, and respectful communication with colleagues.

Organising your workspace, prioritising important tasks, and seeking clarifications where needed can also help reduce stress levels.

Explore opportunities for personal and professional development can help boost morale, and maintain a positive employer-employee relationship.

Communicate clearly with your managers about your work hours and availability outside of work. This might mean setting specific times when you are available to answer emails or take calls.

Prioritising your workload and delegating tasks where necessary can prevent sacrificing your personal time. It also helps to be consistent with your boundaries and assertive when necessary. This can be difficult, but ultimately it will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and protect your personal time.

A spokesperson from Reassured comments on the research: “Having a good balance between an employee’s working life and their spare time should be a priority for any employer to help promote good mental health and well-being. That’s why we’ve collated this best industry for workplace benefits study, both to inspire, but also to provide some insight if you’re looking for a career change or want to know which industries to go into as a graduate.”

Original Article: HRnews

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