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Bristol Jobs has been advertising jobs in the Bristol and Bath area since 2007. Our long standing history and continued efforts to always bring new and relevant jobs from reputable companies has helped keep first choice for job seekers when searching for jobs in Bristol and the South West.

There are lots of sales jobs in Bristol so lots of opportunities for people to earn excellent salaries.

The sales industry isn’t for everyone, there can be lots of rejection to handle, lots of hard work and long hours. If you can fight through the negatives then there is great money to be earned. Good sales staff will earn anything from £18,000 to.... pick a number, in sales you decide your salary, you get back exactly what you put in so its really worth giving your all.

When people here sales they immediately think of call centres, that is just a small part of a vast industry, most businesses need sales staff, so you could be selling laptops to businesses, food to Tesco, cars, houses and the list goes on.

Throughout the site we have part time, full time, temporary, permanent, student, graduate and managerial jobs in Bristol.

Below are the latest sales jobs in Bristol to be advertised on Bristol Jobs:

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