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Introducing Leonard Cheshire Disability

Leonard Cheshire Disability exists to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world. Our principal activity in the UK is the provision of services in support of disabled people in the widest context. These services include care homes, supported living, domiciliary support, day services, resource centres, rehabilitation, respite care, personal support and training and assistance for those looking for work. We operate in all parts of the UK and are the largest voluntary sector provider of care and support services for disabled people.

Campaigning for the civil and human rights of disabled people is also a key activity for us. Our breadth of experience, knowledge and constituency of disabled people gives us a unique platform from which to engage in public debate and to campaign on the social policy and civil rights issues that have an impact on disabled people. The empowerment of disabled people who use Leonard Cheshire Disability services across the organisation is another key activity, through the work of the Service User Support team of disabled staff and the service users' independent organisation called the Service User Networking Association (SUNA).

The Service User Support team of fieldworkers in all regions are there to support any disabled people supported by LCD to empower themselves through the following activities: role modelling, training, information provision, mentoring, facilitating disabled people to meet together to give their views and to get involved in SUNA and LCD. Any disabled people supported by LCD are members of SUNA, the independent organisation they have developed as service users. SUNA has a national committee of service users whose Chair becomes a Trustee of LCD. Representative disabled people are elected from service representatives across the UK. In April 2009 we launch the LCD Commitment to Service User Involvement giving reasonable standards for service users to measure their involvement against. It has been produced by a working party of LCD service users, senior managers and SUS Managers.

In the UK, Leonard Cheshire Disability operates through twelve service groups across England and a national office and individual structure for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of our services are managed professionally. We are supported by local and area volunteer support groups, who provide practical assistance to the disabled people using Leonard Cheshire Disability services, and fundraise on behalf of the charity.

Internationally Leonard Cheshire Disability has over 255 partners globally and is part of a Global Alliance of non-governmental organisations in 52 countries. It works though its six regional offices based in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean. The core areas of our work include:

  • Inclusive Education - promoting disabled children's right to a meaningful education
  • Livelihoods programmes- to enable people with disabilities to become independent
  • Health & Rehabilitation Support to everyday living
  • Training and research in post conflict and post- disaster countries
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