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About Us:
Flying Colours was started in April 2005 by Anna Hutton who has over 22 years experience in the recruitment industry. The company is committed to providing a quality recruitment service to candidates and employers alike. Flying Colours aim is to constantly attract high calibre candidates for all of our vacancies. Clients and candidates are welcome to call in at any time during the day. Our offices reflect the professional, friendly ethos of the Company. We can arrange a conference room which clients can use for interviewing purposes should they prefer to do this off site.

Our Commitment:
Flying Colours make a commitment to every employer they deal with that every candidate will have been interviewed. All vacancies will be accurately recorded and a brief sent to the employer to ensure that everyone's idea of what the post requires corresponds. Only candidates who match the specification will be put forward. Finally, Flying Colours will seek feedback to ensure that they have "got it right" so as to continually update and modify their service or the posts requirement if necessary.

To Summarise:
Flying Colours is a provider of recruitment solutions rather than an "order filler". We work in partnership with our clients - understanding their plans and strategies, and respond quickly to their recruitment needs. We aim to be the first "port of call" to potential job seekers and employers. Our candidates are better briefed about the job requirements, and fully prepared for interviews and assignments, so that they outshine their competitors and stand a better chance of success. Measuring our success is an essential part of our ethos. Critical success factors include the number of client companies wishing to use us exclusively or on a preferred basis, to having high interview to placement ratios, and being able to offer job interviews and immediate temporary work to the majority of its candidates. The most critical success factor for us is our ability to attract quality candidates on a continuous basis. Industry research reveals that an agency's good reputation is the most effective magnet for attracting high calibre candidates. Currently we attract over 50% of our candidates through personal recommendation.

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