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Bristol city centre is a hugely vibrant city and has many opportunities there. Being so close to London many people live there and commute to London every day, without having the stresses and strains of actually living in London city centre. It is also, itself a very fun place to live. It is full of entertainment venues. In the summer, its waterfront is packed full of young people eating and drinking along the edge of the water. There is also Park Street, which is lined with a very vast array of different bars and eateries for people to enjoy themselves in. Bristol also has a large theatre presence and hosts many concerts and events in its many venues. Jobs in Bristol are also on the increase, with all these venues boasting many jobs and opportunities for people. With its two big universities producing thousands of graduates in to the city every year, jobs need to be made available to keep these graduates living in the city and working in a comfortable job.  Bristol is a largely business orientated city, with many offices boasting thousands of employees and job opportunities, giving chances for employees to enter at entry level, and work their way up to director roles and give themselves opportunities to be earning large quantities of money.

Jobs in Bristol include; administrators, accountants, IT consultants, construction workers and many more.

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