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What can BristolJobs.co.uk do for my company?

BristolJobs.co.uk is much more than a jobs board. Whilst we offer advertising space, what you receive is a service incomparable in the market place. The business has evolved over 4 years, working on other recruitment websites. After listening to our clients, we have now added products and services including a dedicated Administration and Account Management team capable of loading your roles on to the website for you, the ability to filter out unsuitable applicants saving you time and an experienced point of contact regarding advertisements placed.

We also offer experience in the market place from experienced Jobs Board specialists, recruitment consultants and former employers. We understand the costs, hassle and poor applicant quality that can result from other mediums.

More importantly, we are not a telesales based business looking for a quick win - we seek to provide a long-term solution to your recruitment needs and to save you money on your recruitment costs.

How do I set-up an account?

To set up an account, either call our head office in Cardiff on 0117 917 5250 or e-mail us at . Once we have spoken with you, understanding more about your company and your recruitment requirements, we will outline a suitable advertising package that will enable you to fill your role(s) quickly and cost effectively.

Once the account is set-up, it is yours whenever you need it.

What happens when my job goes live?

Your role will be placed onto the website. At this point, job seekers searching for jobs within your sectors, salary band, role type or relevant keywords will see your role(s) in the search results. They are then able to apply for the vacancy in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences - these include: online applications, telephone, in writing, application pack, etc.

What happens next?

Once you have received the candidates details (in the format you requested) you are free to call and/or interview any of the candidates you deem suitable. Once you find the right person, you can offer the position to them the complete piece of mind that there is no "placement fee" to be paid.

How long will my advert stay live for?

This is completely up to you. Our standard advertising rates are quoted for 30 days. However, should you have vacancies in a certain area where you are always looking for good candidates; we can place an advert for you for any length of time.

Where does BristolJobs.co.uk advertise?

We advertise in a number of ways for our clients. This includes sponsored listings on Google search results through to leaflet campaigns, e-mail alerts and branded mail-outs for our Premium customers. All are designed to increase traffic to our website, ensuring we will help our client fill ALL of their vacancies.

I have found the right person via BristolJobs.co.uk, do I need to pay any fees?

The only fee payable is for advertising the role. Should you find the right candidate via our website, there is nothing more to pay. Congratulations, you have just saved several thousand pounds in recruitment costs.

What do I do now?

Call our head office in Cardiff on 0117 917 5250 or e-mail us at

We look forward to working with you - Call us today!

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